About Us

The Vision of Alignment Brand is all about Endless Possibilities with Alignment in your daily life. 
Vision of Alignment was manifested and created to bring conversation to the world in a time where messages can be somewhat hidden, avoided, and unaware of how we are all the same once we share our stories.
We are on this journey as a family to align with YOU - our new family, share our story through modern apparel that allows you to have expressions with comfort for your everyday lifestyle.  
This Brand was created by a man and a woman who love to love on each other, love to love on people, love to love on creativity in our world, and love to be rooted with a foundation of Grace. 
We are excited for you to allow us to align Vision of Alignment in your life, so that we can provide the world the opportunity to love on each other one step at a time through our conversational touches of art.
He is from a small town in South Louisiana and she is from a small town in South Texas - together we live in North Dallas,Texas and have a loving micro golden doodle named Gumbeaux "woof woof"! 
Jerome + Mandy
Thank you for being a part of our VOA Family!